Wenju Chiang, born in 1975 in Taipei Taiwan, has lost contact with her biological mother since early childhood and was raised by her biological father. She has always liked drawing and painting since she was little and was selected for an “ Art Talented Elite Course” at the age of 7. She studied there till she was 18. During her university years, she devoted her time in learning the western art pieces and creations while completing her education degree in fine arts. After graduation, she volunteered to teach in a primary school by the sea for three years. Afterwards she went on to obtain her masters degree and her dissertation was on “How children‘s picture books in art class ” .

    She got married at the age of 24 and spend the following 20 years on being a wife, a mother of 4, and a daughter in-law. She has been continuously searching for herself in her life. From being young and single to being pregnant and giving births to her children, she saw the possibilities of taking on different roles in her life. She resumes her passion in art creation at mid-life and uses it to depict the looks of life itself.